Production Manager

Job Description 

  • Manages all production processes 

    • Sources and procures all raw materials, print materials, packaging, tools, and equipment

    • Schedules and tracks all incoming and outgoing freight 

    • Maintains records of all production builds in AdvancePro

    • Maintains inventory tracking in AdvancePro

    • Ensures adherence to GMP, health and safety standards 

    • Enforces quality control - inspects all raw ingredients and finished products to maintain excellent quality standards 

    • Executes production budgets and tracks all production spending, including monthly petty cash reports 

  • Coordinates, oversees and motivates production team of 12-20 employees, depending on the season 

    • Creates actionable project timelines and organizes employee schedules 

    • Organizes training sessions 

    • Clearly communicates projects, timelines and goals to production team

    • Establishes workflow to optimize speed and efficiency without compromising safety or integrity 

    • Hosts monthly staff meetings

  • Manages production space 

    • General upkeep and stocking ancillary goods 

    • Ensures production facility is meeting all legal requirements and industry standards


    • Experience managing a team in a leadership role

    • Experience in manufacturing operations, inventory management, and project management 

    • Passion for natural skincare

    • Ability to work comfortably around strong scents

    • Positive energy

    • Self motivated

    • Ability to perform well under pressure in a fast-paced environment

    • Willing to wear many hats to support a growing business