Private Label Perfume Formulation Kit

Private Label Perfume Formulation Kit

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This DIY perfume kit includes all of the ingredients and supplies you'll need to make your own bespoke perfume. Select up to 10 fragrance materials. Once you receive your kit, track your formula as you build it, drop by drop, so that we can recreate it in bulk for you. Once you are satisfied with your formula you can register it here. Once registered, it will be available for private label ordering. 

Note: If you want multiple servings of the same ingredient, enter that in the notes section at checkout (for example, if you want 2 x 1ml vials of rose oil, for a rose-heavy perfume, select the rose icon and then in the checkout notes list that you'd like two of the rose). For this example, you would select no more than 9 other ingredients for 10 ingredients total.


(10) x 1mL Essential Oils (*Your Choice)

    (1) x 30mL Bottle of Perfumers Alcohol (Denatured)

    (1) x Empty 30mL Glass Bottle with Gold Atomizer

    (10) x Paper Scent Strips for Sampling 

    (1) x Blending Beaker with Gradation

    (1) x Scent Card to Record your Recipe 

    (1) x Pencil to Record your Recipe

    (10) x Mini Dropping Pipettes for Dispensing Essential Oils

    (1) x Mini Funnel for Decanting Perfume to Bottle

    (1) x Alcohol Sanitizing and Cleansing Wipe

    (1) x Reusable Storage Box

    (1) x Pair of Gloves