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Soothing Anxiety Naturally: Acupressure and Essential Oils

Soothing Anxiety Naturally Acupressure and Essential Oils - BIOS APOTHECARY

The subtle energy of life comes into body with breath and is distributed through the twelve paired electromagnetic nerve channels known in the Chinese tradition as meridians. This flow can become blocked or imbalanced due to a variety of internal or external factors- weakness in the natal constitution, physical injury, psychological stress, even the change of season or living in a harsh climate.

Essential oils- the volatile aroma compounds from plants- gently influence the chi and are a natural way to rebalance the body to optimize health and wellness. The characteristics and actions of each type of oil are specific to the plant family and the part of plant extracted, and can be used to target particular patterns of imbalance along the meridian channels.

Today we’ll take a closer look at the properties of lavender (lavender angustifolia) essential oil, which is known to help alleviate anxiety and restlessness, along with five acupressure points which can be activated to release energetic blockages and help calm the mind and body.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil regulates and calms the nervous system. It is cooling, gentle, and soft and works on the liver channel, which when blocked is associated with frustration, irritation, and anger. It moves upwards and outwards through the meridian channels, bringing the feelings and emotions stored in the heart and lungs to the surface where they can be processed and released.

5 Acupressure Points to Calm The Mind and Body

1. “Governing Vessel” Focus: Insomnia

This point is at the third eye, directly between the eyebrows, where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Try applying pressure to this point to relieve anxiety, insomnia, eye problems, vertigo, dizziness, nose congestion, and headaches.

2. “Heavenly Pillar” Focus: Exhaustion

These two points are one fingers width below the base of the skull and one half-inch on either side of the spine. With the eyes closed, use the thumbs to apply firm pressure while breathing deeply to relieve stress, exhaustion, and puffy eyes.

3. “Heavenly Rejuvenation” Focus: General Anxiety

These two points are on the back, halfway between the neck and the outside of the shoulder. Massage these points lightly to relieve nervous tension and a stiff neck.

4. “Inner Gate” Focus: Nervous Stomach

These two points are located in the slight indent about three finger lengths above the base of the inner wrist. Use moderate pressure and alternate between arms while breathing deeply until you feel sufficiently relaxed.  

5. “Spirit Gate” Focus: Emotional Disturbances

This point is found on the little finger side of the forearm at the wrist crease. Activate by pressing the point on both hands using the middle finger.

The Technique

Stimulating these acupressure points will help to mobilize energetic stagnation, increase blood circulation, and improve the way you look and feel. Using a diluted blend of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil will enhance the benefits of the acupressure – mix 12 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil in a base of coconut, jojoba or evening primrose oil (or can try our lavender body oil, which can also be used as a full body moisturizer). Lubricate the fingers with the blended oil. Starting at the top of the body and working your way down, activate each point using firm pressure and hold for 2-3 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. This technique can be repeated as frequently as needed.

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