Make your Own Perfume - NYC Perfume Bar

Make your Own Perfume - NYC Perfume Bar

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Our DIY fine fragrance bar is open! Now available at 61 West Street, Brooklyn New York by appointment - sample and create your very own bespoke signature scent. 

We are stocked with 100+ natural aromatics - these include essential oils, absolutes, concretes and isolates - some exotic and very rare - and all from plants ūüĆĪ We have an assortment of selections from every olfactory family - vegan¬†"leathers" and "musks", exquisite and rare woods, exotic flowers, earthy root extractions, juicy tree fruit, ripe berries, invigorating citrus, verdant grasses, balsamic resins, decadent gourmands, enlivening spices and more.¬†

We offer both oil and traditional alcohol bases. Oil based perfumes are packaged in a 15ml roll on format, and alcohol based perfumes are packaged in a 15ml atomizer format. A selection of dried flowers and semi-precious gemstones can be infused into oil based perfumes at no extra cost. 

We are now offering eight indoor workstations, as well as two outdoor workstations for those who prefer some sunshine and fresh air while they formulate. Making your own custom perfume is $78/person, plus tax. Registration includes a complimentary glass of wine. This is a great activity to do with a friend or a with date! 


Q. Should I book the perfume bar or a perfume workshop? Our perfume bar is a self-guided experience - we will give you a brief introduction to perfume making and our vast library of ingredients and set you up at a workstation. You'll be able to explore our collection and sample scents at your own pace. For those that prefer an educational class with guided sampling, check out our perfume workshops. 

Q. Can I book a reservation for a group? The perfume bar is best suited for individuals, couples, and small groups of up to 5 guests. For groups 6+ we recommend booking a private workshop for your group. 

Q. Can I reorder the perfume I created? Yes, after you have completed your perfume you'll be given a link where you can register your formula- once registered, you can apply your scent to any other custom product we offer including perfume refills, bath and body oils, skincare, home diffusers and more. 

Q. Can you create my perfume in bulk? Yes, we can provide your formula in bulk. Please contact us for additional details.