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Dried Flowers

Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant. Adding dried flowers to your perfume oil adds visual interest and infuses the subtle energy and healing archetype of that plant into your formulation. Our selections include:  
No. XLI Amaranth (Gomphrena Globosa) 
Flower Essence: Transcendent consciousness, moving beyond personal pain, suffering and anguish, acceptance of karma. Patterns of imbalance: isolation, melancholia or despair. 
No. XXV Chamomile ( Anthemis Nobilis)
Flower Essence: Calm, serene, emotionally balanced. Associated with the sun, restores vital energy. Patterns of imbalance: stress, irritability, emotional tension especially in stomach or solar plexus.
No. DLCI Chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum Coccineum)
Flower Essence: Distinguishes between soul and temporal personality. Patterns of imbalance: Fear of aging, attachment to the body, healing crisis due to materialistic focus. 
Bios Apothecary Cornflower
No. DDL Cornflower ( Centaurea Cyanus)
Flower Essence: Release the past and move beyond current circumstances Patterns of imbalance: Letting go of traumatic events or feelings of shame
Bios Apothecary Delphinium
No. CXX Delphinium - Pink or Blue (Delphinium Elatum)
Flower Essence: express your fullest self while setting firm boundaries Patterns of imbalance: owning parts of yourself that may be challenging
No. XDMI Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale)  
Flower Essence: unconditional self love, compassion and forgiveness. Patterns of imbalance: Softens rigid point of view, opens heart chakra.
No. LVX Lily (Lilium Bulbiferum)
Flower Essence: Radiant and self-assured feminine identity, physical presence grounded in the female body. Patterns of imbalance: Artificial or disembodied feminine self, lack of connection and awareness of female body. 
No. CXX Marigold ( Calendula Officinalis)
Flower Essence: Healing warmth and receptivity, especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others. Patterns of imbalance: Argumentative, lack of receptivity in communication with others; verbal abuse. 
NO. VLI Peach Blossom ( Prunus Persica)
Flower Essence:  Self-mastery, apathy and concern for others. Patterns of Imbalance: Selfishness, self-involvement, exploitive, inability to relate to others. 
NO. VVD Peony ( Paeonia Albiflora)
Flower Essence: Celebration of life, magnetism and charisma, instinct for pleasure. Patterns of imbalance: Repressed vitality and sensuality.
No. LXI Rose (Rosa Damascena )  
Flower Essence: Love for the earth and human life. Patterns of Imbalance: Apathy, resignation, emotional distance. 
No. DXC Violet ( Viola Odorata)
Flower Essence: Delicate, perceptive, sensitive. Patterns of imbalance: Profound shyness, fear of others. 
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