Semi-Precious Gemstones

Gemstones have been used for healing since ancient times. Adding crystals to your perfume oil adds visual interest and infuses the subtle energy and healing archetype of that stone into your formulation.
Bios Apothecary Amethyst
Color: Purple // Associations: Manifestation // Related Physical Associations: Sympathetic nervous system // Chakra: Upper chakras, bringing dreams to life
Bios Apothecary Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline 
Color: Black // Associations: Protection // Related Physical Associations: Joint paint, spinal alignment // Chakra: Root chakra, use as talisman or psychic shield to ward off negative energy, a very grounding stone
Bios Apothecary Citrine
Color: Yellow // Associations: Money and Wealth // Related Physical Associations: Digestion, soothes nausea // Chakra: Solar plexus, attract abundance, achieve financial stability
Bios Apothecary Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz
Color: Clear, contains the entire color spectrum // Associations: Manifestation, translate desires from etheric to physical plane  // Related Physical Associations: Master healer, increase flow of life force in body // Chakra: Crown chakra
Bios Apothecary Garnet
Color: Deep red // Associations: Health and Creativity // Related Physical Associations: Regulates heart and blood, circulation // Chakra: lower chakras, removes inhibitions, opens communication 
Bios Apothecary Labradorite
Color: A pearly sheen and iridescent colors ranging from gold, blue, green, yellow, brown and purple // Associations: A magical and mystical stone, taps into subconsciousness // Related Physical Associations: Brain, consciousness, mental faculties, nervous system // Chakra: Third eye and crown chakra
Bios Apothecary Moonstone
Color: White with black occlusions,  ethereal with a pearly iridescence and a creamy translucent aura // Associations: Divine feminine, sensuality, abundance, renewal // Related Physical Associations: Reproductive system, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth // Chakra: sacral chakra, crown chakra
Bios Apothecary Peridot
Color: Green // Associations: Cleansing, releases and neutralizes toxins // Related Physical Associations: Immune system // Chakra: Heart, opens heart to joy, alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness
Bios Apothecary Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz 
Color: Pink // Associations: Unconditional love to self, others and planet // Related Physical Associations: Heart, circulation, blood pressure, release tension // Chakra: Heart, use for deep emotional healing and release 
Bios Apothecary Sodalite
Color: Blue with white occlusions and white veins // Associations: Wisdom, truth, communication, expression, logic, communication // Related Physical Associations: Throat vocal cords, larynx  // Chakra: Throat chakra, speaking your mind
Bios Apothecary Tigers Eye
Tiger's Eye
Color: Golden brown with black arcs // Associations: Courage, willpower // Related Physical Associations: Fortifier, increases vitality and strength // Chakra: Solar Plexus